“I just want to have friends”


I remember one day in the early beginning stages of renovation, David and I were in the big gym space with construction debris laying around, our belongings scattered about… not quite unpacked yet, and we were discussing the journey we were embarking on. The process up until this point had been very exciting. Things had fallen into place so easily and the process overall had been fun. But, in this particular moment, reality hit me and I began to cry.

You see, I jumped into CrossFit about 3 years ago. We were part of an amazing community. We met some of the most incredible people. Our kids made life long friendships. I fell in love with this sport and what it can do for people because of those women at the gym who invited me to try it out with them over and over again. I finally said yes one day, and was hooked right away. Through those 3 years, CrossFit Grizzly became family. I enjoyed going everyday, seeing these people, working out next to them, laughing with them, learning from them, and building tremendous friendships. For 3 years this was my life, my routine, and I loved it.

Now reality was setting in, though I was so excited and proud to go after this dream with my husband…. All of what that meant I was saying goodbye to hit hard that day. I was sad. Yes, all these people were still going to be apart of my life. I still love them dearly. But, that place, that atmosphere, those daily talks, and seeing all those faces on the regular was not going to be my reality anymore. Because now we were stepping into our new adventure.

So this day in the wide open unfinished gym, I remember crying and telling David, “I just want to have friends.” I mean, I was essentially saying goodbye to my friends to build a new community and daily routine and the reality of the unknown was there. Who was going to build RCF community? What kind of people are going to show up and be a part of our family here? Will they like me? Will I like them? Are we all going to get along? Are people going have the same positive experience I had?  The thought process went on and on and on….and I just cried, thinking in all this I just hope I have friends. David was so sweet and just hugged me and said, “It’s going to be ok”. Then we prayed.

Well, fast forward to 3 months later. Here we are! Business is booming and the past few months have flown by. What has stood out to me over the last few weeks is, I have friends! I get to wake up everyday, walk out into this dream come true and hang out with some amazing people. I sit back everyday and watch the beauty unfold. The same experience that made me fall in love with this life is what we get to offer to everyone everyday. Our community is forming! We get along, we support each other, we cheer each other on, we laugh together, we joke around, we hug, we cry when necessary, and we love each other, everyday! I’m so proud of what Refuge CrossFit is becoming. 

It wasn’t easy stepping away from a place we loved, and the unknown of what was ahead. It definitely wasn’t easy, but boy has it been worth it! Thankfully, our old friends are just down the street and we get visitors often, coffee dates happen, athlete support happens and the love of CrossFit is what keeps us all connected. 

With Love,
Coach Emily