During the 2018 CrossFit open when the Ring Muscle Up was announced in one of the workouts, I tried a few before hand and was told by so many people “you’re so close”, “you’re going to get it!”.

Then, it was time for me to do the workout. I tried and tired for as long as the clock would allow me to and guess what…. I didn’t get the muscle up. But realizing I was as close as I was fueled a fire in me. I never would’ve thought I’d make it to this point and be close to a muscle up! That thought ignited a passion in me. I WANTED THAT MUSCLE UP. I set that goal on my horizon!

So I got to work, I trained a lot, I asked questions, and studied video after video of the hardest most complex gymnastic move we do in CrossFit.

I have zero gymnastics history. It definitely wasn’t something that came easy for me. I had to train hard. The days I worked out, I came early and I stayed after. Doing accessory work, practicing the skills, and learning the mechanics of the muscle up. Hours and hours of work. Days upon days. Month after month. Being coached and encouraged, hearing every queue under the sun. Being told over and over and over, “You are strong enough, you are so close, you can do it.”

To be honest, it was hard to hear that all the time. Because everyday I showed up to work on it, and every time I still didn’t get one. Failing over and over and over again. Disappointed to say the least. It’s been over a year that I have been training this movement. I have worked really, really hard to learn techniques, to build the strength, to channel the right mindset, to believe in myself,….I have put in countless hours!
Do I have it yet?…. No. I’ve landed a few strict in September 2018 and haven’t been able to get any since.
Am I close? Yes, closer than I was a year ago.

One day I will get it. And that day will be very exciting.


My point with this is, things don’t come easy. Often times we don’t realize or consider the work people put into their goals. We just see them do these cool things, lift a certain amount of weight, or move at a specific speed, not realizing the hours, days, months, or years of training it took for them to get there. Practice and training isn’t always the pretty part, it’s usually not what is shown on video, failing attempts is not as exciting to watch as when you nail it. But it is all necessary.

If you want something you have to work at it. Adversity and challenges are evident. It’s impossible to work hard at something without failing one way or another. If you stay focused and believe in yourself, knowing you CAN do it,….. you will grow, you will become stronger, you will see results and eventually your hard work will pay off. You journey may take longer than others, effort and discipline can be hard to maintain, but consistency will pay off!

I still have a ways to go. I will still put in the time and train all the parts of this movement. It’s not easy. David always says to me, “if it was easy, everyone would do it.”

So I’ll keep trying.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll get it.
I wont stop.
I’m not done.
I can always get better. 

With Love,
Coach Emily