Adversity. Courage. Determination. Effort.


Injuries suck.
That’s the truth. Nobody wants to be injured. It’s not fun being in pain. Going day in and day out not being able to use your body the way you should be able to.

When we have injuries we are given the chance to toughen up and get on with it. A lot of times when people get injured they allow the “frustrating” part of the process to determine their attitudes and control their motivation. I get it. It’s a hard process, especially when it comes to a point where that injury prohibits you from doing something you love. Obviously we can’t control how our bodies heal or how long it takes to do so, but we can control our attitudes and our efforts in the process. If we take the opportunity at hand and manage our mind, going after each day with the mindset of getting better, then we not only stay consistent and take care of ourselves,… but we grow in many more areas that we would not necessarily otherwise.

So, when you are given adversity, how do you handle it? Does it become an excuse? Do you let it define your days? Or do you move on and persevere?

For me these last few months have been interesting when it comes to injuries. I am not one that is typically accident prone. I don’t get hurt a lot, for that I am thankful. And since I have started CrossFit, I have definitely become more aware of my body and the way it feels. I know when something is off and when I need to rest. It’s not always easy but it is absolutely necessary. The past few months I swear it has been one thing after the other with injuries. From knees, to wrists, to nerves, to toes….(UGH, annoying to say the least.)

I would quickly go through the list, “well,…. I can’t do this and this and this or that, I cant do this….” and on and on and on. Now, if I allowed that to be my focus I would’ve been out of training for many weeks. But I chose to work around it, getting creative with what I CAN do and focusing on that. I had to listen to my body, sometimes it meant I had to rest, sometimes it meant I had to lessen the load, or change the movement,…. but everyday I had to choose to continue to work at a capacity that I could in each moment.

Was I frustrated?…. you bet! I would cry with irritation, and at times just get angry at the fact that I couldn’t do most things.

So, I had to take a deep breath and realize it was going to be ok. I continued to work what I could and get a good workout regardless. Because ultimately that’s what I need for myself. My goal is to stay healthy, stay active, and stay in community. If that means I have to change things up, I will. I will show up because I know I need this outlet. I will choose to face each adversity, no matter how difficult, with all my efforts. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s a really freaking ugly process. In those tough times, when we dig deep and keep going we become stronger. Think about how much that effects who you are, but also what that does for those around you. The ones in your circle that you influence. Your character and determination in the face of adversity has major impact on your community.

I know I want to be known for one to keep going, keep pushing and not let set backs define me. Because I will become better by doing so and I will have a positive influence on my children, my friends, my family, and my community.

Facing adversity takes courage.
Courage takes determination.
Determination takes effort.
Effort takes choice.

So when you are dealing with an injury, be safe, be smart and listen to your body. Think about your final goal and reevaluate what is possible. Focus on what you CAN do. Take the opportunity at hand and grow from it. Build in areas inside and out from each season of life.

If we only get better 1% everyday, we are still getting better! So lets get better together.

With Love,
Coach Emily


2 thoughts on “Adversity. Courage. Determination. Effort.”

  1. Michelle Greensfelder

    Great post and insight. I try to keep my whining to a minimum, but it does slip out. You and David are great about helping me keep things in perspective. Thanks so much for the compassion and guidance you provide 🙂