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Week 5: Nutrition

1.) Let’s continue all focuses from wks 1-4!
WATER INTAKE! Hopefully it’s becoming a healthy habit by now!
QUALITY SLEEP, are you doing better at getting 7-8 hrs of sleep?
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, are you eating enough and getting some with every meal?
MINDSET, be grateful, be thankful, be mindful…. we don’t HAVE to, we GET to!

2.) What’s the topic of our focus this week:
Unwanted Sugars and Portion Control
Pay attention to nutrition labels and how much unnecessary sugars are in there.
-Learn all the ways companies label “sugar”

3.) Weekly Challenge: Lets work on minimizing our sweet treat portions. So change a daily treat to 4 times a week or how about instead of 5 cookies you only have 3 cookies.
This is a great way to start weening yourself off some of these potential addictions. Start with something maintainable and work from there!

We got this guys. It’s going to be a great week.

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While there are ‘healthier’ options, sugar is still sugar.

Start reducing in steps: switch out your sugary drinks, reduce your junk food intake, read ingredient labels for hidden sugars.

The sugar addiction can be tough to break. If you know you can’t quit cold-turkey, don’t. Make those small changes. They will add up to bigger changes in the long-term!

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I love this image. The reality is there’s joy in balance and listening to our bodies. Sometimes its nice to go with your gut and cravings, but the key to success here is make sure you limit your intake. If you want a cookie have a cookie, just don’t eat 8 cookies.