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Focus on a Better You Week 3!

This weeks topic was Nutrition!

What to focus on this week:
1.) We continued focuses for week 1 and 2:
– Continue to keep up your water intake, hopefully you are starting to build a healthy base habit and desire for water! Maybe start tracking it with an app or something if you haven’t yet. See how consistent you can be.
-Do you best to get the best quality sleep you can! Maybe that means you try to minimize unnecessary screen time and spend you time on something more intentional, maybe that means your night time routine is more relaxing to set you up for a successful sleep, whatever it is make quality sleep a priority!

2.) This weeks main focus was NUTRITION, particularly snacks vs. vegetables/fruits.

3.) GOAL for the week:
1-2 handfuls of fresh greens with every meal, yes even breakfast.
1 cup of fruit a day.

**One of our Podcast listens for this week:
Building Stronger Nutritional Strategies!

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Coach Heather: Podcast #105 Chasing Excellence:

“I encourage you all to listen, 3 things to practice everyday”×3-on-morning-routines-parenting-tips-phone-usage/id1170629044?i=1000461109323

Josh Sims shared what he has been doing for some of his meals/snacks:
Breakfast – Protein smoothie
– 10oz Unsweetened almond milk or water
– large handful of spinach
– small apple (core and all)
– one carrot
– one scoop protein powder (ISO100 Cherry watermelon flavor)

I know eating the actual fruits and veg are better, but the smoothie is mainly more convenient for my mornings, rather than cooking eggs and veggies everyday. I do make a large veggie and egg scramble during the weekend.

Lunch – These I prep on Sunday for Mon-Fri. Same meal for the five days. This week was:
– 1/2 large chicken breast with pesto and balsamic glaze, topped with mozzarella.
– Lots of roasted veggies: Zucchini, carrot, onion, mushroom.

Dinner – Some lean protein and large mixed salad. Large being, starting with one whole head romaine, one small zucchini, handful of cherry tomatoes. Dressing is Balsamic Glaze, red pepper flakes, and everything bagel seasoning.
I also usually have some carbs in the form of rice or potatoes for dinner also.

Snacks – Usually a whole avocado and a coupe small handfuls of mixed nuts.

Ken Cunningham shared a little bit of his process too:
”For the last week I’ve decided to ingest my fiber and fats first thing in the morning and eating my protein in the evenings after my workouts.

This past week I’ve stuck to it and the results so far are promising. I’m less snacky, less anxious and more level headed. I’ve also upped my Vitamin D uptake and implemented a B Complex as well with magnesium.

I’ve been able to participate in the workouts without bonking and I’m less shaky after my workouts as well. We shall see how next week goes, but so far I’m happy.”

Week 3 was challenging for some. Lets continue our focuses and work harder each day to eat more and more fresh vegetables and fruits. You all are doing so good and we love to hear the progress being made. As the weeks progress keep paying attention to your body and what is working and what may not be working!

Keep up the good work crew!