Ak Bar Belles Event 4

Event #4: Double Down

Sponsored by Haven Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

In a 6 minute window, teams will complete as many repetitions as possible of a burpee and a sandbag over box pass.

Movement Standard All Divisions: The burpee begins with the athlete standing tall, with hips and knees fully extended.  The athlete will lie down flat on the floor, making contact with with the sandbag or floor with their chest as well as the floor with their thighs.  Athletes may jump or step their feet backward to lie down on the floor as well as jump or step their feet up to return to a standing position.  Athletes will not be required to jump off the ground, raise their hands above their head, or return to a fully upright position to complete the repetition.  

Once the athlete has completed the burpee portion of the movement, they may bend, stoop, squat, wiggle, shimmy, but somehow retrieve their sandbag from the floor and set it on top of their team’s box wall.  Athletes may bring their bag up with them from the floor as they stand up following the completion of the burpee.  Once the bag is placed on top of the wall, the second partner may grab the bag and set or drop it onto the floor in front of their wall and then begin their burpee repetition.  Both partners may have their hands on the bag at the same time.  A repetition of the burpee sandbag over wall pass will be credited every time the sandbag is placed on top of the box wall to be passed over.  Sandbags may not be thrown over the wall.   

Division Specific Standards:

RX:  RX teams will use a 75 pound sandbag and will have a 48” wall.  

INTERMEDIATE: Intermediate teams will use a 50 pound sandbag and will have a 48” wall.  

SCALED: Scaled teams will use a 25 pound sandbag and will have a 48” wall.