AK Barbelles 2022 Event 1

Sponsored By: The Fern AK

Sponsored By: The Fern AK

Sponsored By: The Fern AK –

Vintage 10 06 2022 13h59m52s

“Endurance, Baby!”

Sponsored by: The Fern AK

Partner 1: Run / Partner 2: Row


RX: 5K

Intermediate: 4K

Scaled: 3K


One partner will Run the full distance.

One partner will Row the full distance.

During Event 1 both the run and row with all divisions will start at the same time. There will be a 30:00 time cap for everyone.

Runners will run a course outside that will be clearly marked. We will be using a chip systems for official race times. Course will be released closer to event date.

Rowers will row inside on the competition floor using Concept 2 rowers. We will set your distance so your screen timer will stop the moment you complete your total distance.

This will count as 2 separate scores for your team.

Get to training friends!