Announcing the New Owners


New Owners

I am happy to announce that as of Thursday, June 1, Cory and I are the new owners of Refuge CrossFit! We’ve spent the last few months getting to know the community and are so glad to be a part of such a wonderful place. David and Emily have built something truly special and we are excited to see them off into their next adventure with the warmest wishes.

Together, David, Emily, Cory and I have been working on a way to transfer the business in a way the retains the core of Refuge: it’s commitment to faith, family, integrity, love, and service. Cory and I will serve as co-Owners and Head Coaches with the focus on delivering the very best fitness and nutrition coaching to positively influence as many lives in the Mat-Su Valley as possible.

What’s Changing, What’s Staying the Same

As current members, you probably want to know what to expect over the coming months and how this change will affect you. In short, we want to emphasize that our plan is to make no major changes to the current membership. We are going to continue focusing on growing as small business owners and learning as much as we can from those around us so we can get better everyday. New members will face a slightly different onboarding process than older members with the inclusion of an On-Ramp Program to prep them for group CrossFit. We are going to start offering both Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching services. We’re going to start stocking some of our favorite products (More Cowbell, anyone??). We are going to try new things, make mistakes, and grow during the process!

David and Emily will still be around for the near future, helping as both coaches and mentors to us. We are working to absorb as much as we can before they head out! They’ve built this business on values that strongly align with ours, and we are proud that they are willing to entrust us with this incredible family.

Looking to the Future

We’ve jumped into this venture with both feet! Cory and I have a vision of growing this business so we can impact as many lives as possible. Our job is to continue to deliver high value to our clients, and we are always looking for better ways to do this. We invite you and future members to grow alongside us and see what amazing things we are capable of accomplishing together!

Emily H.