What’s Your Next Goal at Refuge?


We’re upgrading our service—with no extra cost to you!

Starting today, we’re offering a brand-new benefit for members: complimentary quarterly goal review sessions.

Every 90 days, a coach will sit down with you to review progress and make a plan for the future. In 15 minutes, we’ll celebrate everything you’ve accomplished and then make sure you’ve got the perfect plan to accomplish your next milestones. 

These meetings are the perfect time to ask questions, talk about challenges and share your big wins. 

For example, you might be thinking about training for a 5k race and want to see how we can help you log a PR. Or maybe your unstated goal is to drop 5 lb. before summer. We can tell you exactly how to make it happen. Looking to cross “pull-up” or some other skill off your list in the future? Let’s make a plan! 

Or maybe you just have a few fitness and nutrition questions you always forget to ask. Bring them!

The best gyms around the world use the goal review system to ensure their clients are always moving forward. We’re putting it in place because we care about your happiness and your progress. We always check in with you, but this formal system will ensure we get some one-on-one face time to connect without any distractions.

So starting now we’re doing a Goal Review Blitz. We will be contacting you to make sure we connect—but if you want to select the perfect time right now, you can book your slot here!

We can’t wait to meet with you and talk about your goals!