RCF Ruck Day

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What is a Ruck Challenge?
Think walking while carrying heavy things, with friends. Maybe carrying friends… and their heavy things. Think water… repeatedly. Doing exercise-ish things, while walking with heavy things, friends, in and around water… Team-building. Fun.

Seriously though; a ruck march is simple. Carry a weighted pack and the essentials for that trip for a distance. Rucking is an essential part of the training our military folk endure and this challenge is a cool opportunity to learn what thats like, without a drill instructor yelling at you the whole way. We will do workouts throughout the event to push you physically. We will complete team-building challenges to help you develop the ability to work alongside people to overcome adversity in life in creative ways. You will end up in water and or mud at least once.

This will be a fun event that you’ll only ever really understand once you’ve completed it. Some people won’t get it. You will. You’ll understand the level of grit and determination it takes to carry on when you’re physically exhausted.

Basically, “Rucking is cardio for people who think running sucks.” -GORUCK

When is this happening?
Our first RCF Ruck Challenge will take place Saturday June 29, 2019. We will meet up at Refuge CrossFit at 8am and head out!

Where will we be going?
The Ruck will consist of 8-10 miles throughout Palmer, on trails and through town.

How long will the event last?
Exact time is unknown. Approximately 6+ hours.

How do I sign up?
RCF Ruck Challenge will be limited to 20 participants, so sign up before your spot is gone. Click Here to register for event.

What do I need to have and bring to participate?
Required and Recommended items are listed below. Pack Up, Get Ready and Lets Do This!

Required items:

  • Backpack (aka Rucksack) A good solid bag that will hold all necessary items and wont fall apart on you!

  • Weight: Choose your weight and don’t forget it at home. Chest plates, changes plates, beer, pavers (wrapped in duct tape), if its heavy… you can use it. Anywhere from 10-30# is sufficient.

  • Water (2L+): Bring at least 2L of water. A hydration bladder is a solid choice because they’re durable, easy to refill, and fairly cheap. Also, 3 liters is better than 2.

  • Nalgene Bottle (1L) or equivalent (electrolytes recommended)

  • PT Belt/Reflective Band: Attach one of these to your pack and make sure it’s on there securely.

  • Photo ID

  • List of known medications/allergies in case of medical emergency

Additional Recommended items:

  • Gloves (1 – 2 Pairs): Bring gloves. You will be carrying logs, heavy weird-shaped stuff, and doing push ups in dirty places. You will want to protect your hands. Pro tip: Bring a second pair for use in the event your original pair fills up with sand/gravel or a teammate forgets to bring some.

  • Windbreaker: 99/100 times you’ll end up in the water during event. If the temps outside are cold it can be nice to put on a windbreaker afterwards. Packable Windbreakers are nice because they generally take up less room and weigh less as well.

  • Dry Bag: A dry bag will keep all of your gear dry. Dry bags which expel air are a lifesaver…

  • Pelican Case: Pelican cases are great for making sure your essentials (phone/keys) stay completely dry and safe.

  • Food: Your event will last 6 (or maybe more) hours and there’s a 95% chance you will not be stopping for food. Bring what you need to survive.

  • First Aid & Foot Care Kit: Something small… think for little cuts and blisters.

We hope you can join us. We will be limiting participation to 20 people.
Sign up soon to secure your spot.