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Week 2…. Here we go!

This week we discussed the topic of SLEEP!

Thing for this week were….
1) Continue focusing on your water intake! Keep those healthy habits going.
-Water first thing in the morning BEFORE coffee.
-Track you ounces and stay hydrated
2) Quality sleep….what is your sleep like? How much sleep are you getting?
3) GOAL: this week focus on trying to get at minimum 7-8 hours of solid sleep each night.

Here’s our weekly suggested Podcast listen. Again another solid discussion from Ben Bergeron and the Chasing Excellence Podcast. It includes 10 ways/thoughts on how to improve your sleep… Take a listen, pick where you want to start and focus on what can help YOU with improving your sleep!!

Courtney Bruzas had some great suggestions: “One thing that helped me while getting up with littles was to stay off my phone. Get up and nurse/change them. Do exactly what is needed and don’t stimulate my brain. Getting on a screen would like only keep me awake longer. Also, going to bed early has been super helpful for me and Jay. If kids go to bed at 8, we do really well if we are in bed by 9:30. We are also reading more before bed, and being on devices less and less.”

Coach Heather had some ideas for “Make the Switch”:
Cut Screen time 1-2hrs before bedtime
Make the switch to
journaling/reading/hot bath/unwind

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Thank you Tim Hilborn for sharing this awesome picture you found.

Here is a really great article on screen time and its effect. Take a read!

Week 2 was challenging for a few people but I hope you all are starting to become more aware of where we give our time and what we can do without. Each week becoming better at doing life…. wether thats water intake, quality of sleep, or nutrition. We are becoming better just by being aware.

Week 3 is upon us! Headed towards the topic of nutrition and fruits/vegetable intake! Let’s do this! I’ll leave you with a little inspiration!

-Coach Emily