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Week 6: Healthy Relationships & Connection

1.) Let’s continue all focuses from wks 1-4!
WATER INTAKE! Are you still doing the full glass before your morning coffee? Are you tracking and hitting your goal?
QUALITY SLEEP, hopefully finding a peaceful night time routine.
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, Keep that daily intake up!
MINDSET, be grateful, be thankful, be mindful…. we don’t HAVE to, we GET to!

LIMIT SUGAR INTAKE, pay attention to nutrition labels and unnecessary sugars.

2.) What’s the topic of our focus this week:
The importance of healthy relationships and connection.
In order to connect and have healthy relationships we have to take care of ourselves. Some thoughts here that I will hit on more later.
-Don’t over commit to things.
-It’s ok to say “NO”.

3.) Weekly Challenge: Make time for yourself. Find it in your schedule to give yourself at least 15 minutes a day to do something that brings you joy and fills you up. Maybe that’s prayer, meditation, writing, reading, quiet time, etc….

You are important! You are valuable! Those around you need you to be the best version of you!

Are you doing the best you can in your relationships, showing you care and allowing true honest connection to be the goal?

Here is an amazing podcast with some practical things to think about in regards to every relationship. Take a listen…. it’s only 22 min.

Josh Sims shared this one: I try most of the time to be upbeat and not complain about any negative situation. What spoke to me most about this TEDx Talk is when it comes to dealing with my kids. I have a tendency to lose my temper at the things that I’m the end don’t matter. It’s something that I notice and am continually working on. If you have 15 minutes, I feel there is a message in it for anyone.

I came across this amazing article in regards to what we do that ruins our relationships. I loved this article. Not just in reference to marriage but to life. Give it a read. Set yourself up for this next weeks focus! 😉

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Give it a thought,… is this the way you approach your relationships? Be honest with yourself and make a change if needed.

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Cory Pace shared:
One of my favorite snack packs. Container of yellow cherry tomatoes (around 25), basil, salt, balsamic vinegar, baby bells.
Calories – 320
Protein – 25
Carbs – 26
Fats – 12

When it comes to things we can control, one that I have learned over the years is where we give our time. David talks about how we change our mindset from have to to get to. We can always view this in regards to our commitments too. Lets face it, there’s so many things out that that peak our interest or that we want to be apart of…. maybe it’s because we don’t want to miss out, or maybe it’s because we feel like we HAVE to be at everything to stay connected.

But I would like you to think about when you decide wether or not to participate in events or groups or outings or meetings, etc….

Does it bring you joy?

Does it help you feel full inside?

Does it overload your schedule, therefore not allowing rest?

Does it bring more stress than peace?

Do you have the TIME for it?

People are always talking about how they don’t have enough time for particular things,….time to read, time to meal plan, time to date your spouse, time with your family, time to relax, etc. We are all given the same amount of time and you choose what you spend your time on. So my advice to you is, make a list of what is really important to you, prioritize your life and from there choose your activities wisely. You are in control of your time and where/when you give of yourself.

As much as we want to be apart of things we need to realize that that isn’t always possible or necessary. And THAT IS OK!

Pay attention to the details your mind, body and soul are communicating. Rest when needed, take time for yourself and don’t over stress yourself with pressures that don’t exist!