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Focus on you Week 4: Mindset!!

What we focused on this week :
1.)Continue all focuses from weeks 1-3!!
-Water Intake! Are you still hitting those target ounces?!?
-Quality Sleep. If you haven’t figured out your nightly routine, keep working on it. What do you need to do to relax and sleep well?
-Limit your screen time!! Prioritize you time to what is important and needed in your life.
-Keep working on eating fresh vegetables and fruit. Trying to get 1-2 handfuls of fresh greens with each meal and 1 cup of fruit everyday!

2.) Remember: Healthy lifestyle habits is a journey. Some things come easier than others and most of these habit changes are LIFESTYLE changes. Which means you need to think long term,… not a quick fix or a limited change for the sake of a “challenge”.

3.) This weeks focus…. Start your day with gratitude for the things you have, the things you get to do, and the community you are surrounded by. You become a product of the things you focus on.

4.) Make the switch: Change you HAVE TOs to GET TOs. You hear it often here at RCF. We get to do the life before us!

This week’s podcast is probably one of my most favorite podcasts EVER!
We are powerful people with powerful minds.

10 Principles of Mindset:
1) Prioritize first things first
2) Develop a growth mindset
3) Focus on the things you can control
4) Grind through obstacles
5) Own your attention
6) Question yourself limiting beliefs
7) Never whine, Never complain, Never make excuses
8) Practice open mindedness
9) Transform Have to to Get to
10) Chase Excellence

Listen intentionally. ( I could listen to this everyday, such good stuff. ) Here’s the link:

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Coach Heather highly recommended this book for a powerful read in your downtime covering 4 things you can implement into your daily life.

Mindset, intention and healthy habits make great people and better athletes.

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It’s been an awesome week 4! Let’s get going into week 5 y’all!

I’ll leave you with this!
-Coach Emily